Best Double Sleeping Bag 2020

If anytime soon you plan on going camping, you must make sure that you’re packing all the right gear. While a sleeping bag is always on every list to bring with you, most people haven’t really heard of a double sleeping bag. However, it might be perfect for you and your significant other when you go out camping.

A double sleeping bag is exactly what it sounds like: a sleeping bag that is built to be bigger so it can ensure two people can fit within. It’s built for couples who are used to sleeping together at home and would like to continue sleeping together when out camping.

But, there is another huge benefit of double sleeping bags. If you are going camping in the winter, or in a particularly cold location, then it makes sense to get a double bag. That way, you can use shared body heat to stay warm at night while camping in a cold location.

Personally, I’ll share that I’m a huge fan of double sleeping bags and prefer to have one for the shared body heat. I know my fiancee prefers one as well.

For this post, I’ll highlight:

  • A buying guide of what you should be thinking about when looking at a double sleeping bag.
  • The five best options in 2020
  • A FAQ section on key questions you might have regarding double sleeping bags while camping

So, let’s get started!

Double Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

When buying a double, there are a couple things that matter and you should think about. These include a couple of considerations specific to doubles, but also include my staple consideration: weight!

  • Weight: As with every other product I  talk about here on SATC, it’s absolutely important to think about weight for double bags. Due to their added size, these can get heavy. If you are going to be carrying this in your backpack, then you need to ensure that things are not too heavy
  • Size: Not all double bags are the same size. Since there are two of you, you need to think about your sleeping styles. Will you be spooning all night? Will you be sleeping a foot apart? Depending on how  you answered that last question, you will need a different size bag
  • Temperature rating: The standard sleeping bag is rated for 35 degrees. Said differently, it means you can comfortably stay warm while camping in a place that is 35 degrees at night. If you are going to be somewhere that is colder than 35 degrees, then you need a bag that is rated for a colder climate.
  • Down Material: Sleeping bags can be filled with real or synthetic down material. Both work to keep you and your significant other warm at night. However,  some people can be allergic to real or synthetic stuff. Before you go camping, make sure you know if you are allergic and  get the other  kind.  Trust me, your camping experience will  be miserable  otherwise.

Now that I’ve outlined some of the key features you should think about with a double, I’m now going to share my five favorite doubles from 2020.

Best Double Sleeping Bags  of 2020

My overall favorite: Queen-Size double sleeping bag – Teton Sports

Since they first came onto the camping scene, Teton has been performing quite well in the adventure sports industry with its fine range of innovative goods. Thus, if you’re considering large-sized sleeping bags for you and your significant other, it’s going to be hard to beat the Teton.

Not only does this double sleeping bag offer you the most size of any on the market, but it also remains ideal as a comfortable space for sleeping while cuddling. The bag’s material composition consists of a soft lining of poly-flannel for helping in improvement of comfort. This lining makes it one of the most comfortable sleeping bags I’ve experienced.

You don’t need too much of layering while stepping inside as you’ll quickly get warm even while unzipping at the sides. The bag doesn’t feel either too hot or too cold and can be an ideal companion for most climates you’ll come across while camping.

The biggest downside is my weight test. It’s heavy and bulky, meaning it’s a complete pain to carry. If you’re going car camping, or have a canoe with you, then it’s well worth the weight. If you need to carry this yourself, it’s going to be a pretty miserable day.


  • The product has shoulder draft tubes and zippers for trapping in the warm air.
  • The bag is quite simple to access and it easily unzips on two sides along with bottom.
  • Has a high comfort rating of around 20 to 30 degrees.
  • Soft and sturdy outer layer
  • Cozy and soft inner lining


  • Folding can be a problem if you’re using a stuff sack
  • Heavy and large transport sack

People who often go for outdoor adventures throughout the year can surely have this in their camping essentials.

The best entry-level option: Sleeping Queen-Sized Double Sleeping Bag

With Sleepingo you get a lot of bang for the buck, with a good-quality double sleeping bag and two travel pillows for free with this one. Even while accommodating two people who sleep with some distance between them, you get adequate space, comfortable abilities with 210 thread count, and also a little insulation that is adequate for most nights throughout the year.

They also provide a lifetime warranty for the product. The sleeping bag has earned the reputation of many couples’ top choices with a lot of happiness as it is lightweight comfortable and durable. The product weighs less than 6.0 lbs, which passes my always important “Can you carry it without hating your life?” check.


  • A lot of space for comfortably adjusting two adults with impressive size 87” x 59”
  • Is usable similar to two sleeping bags upon getting preferred
  • Can pack well inside the carry bag
  • Ideal for camping in most climate
  • Rip Resistant, waterproof and lightweight



  • Can use bigger camping pillows instead
  • With slick outer material, it gets quite difficult to get the bag back in the travel bag


Easiest Option for Transport: Ohuhu Double sized sleeping bag

Regular readers know I had to write a post about the easiest option for transport, right?!

Compression and ease of transport is the best possible feature that you get with this double bag. It comes with the smallest possible compression transport bag, meaning you will be able to bring this too and from the campsite with ease.

The bag is actually surprisingly big as well once you get inside as you’ll take up half of the bag. Ohuhu can know what would be up while knowing about comfort and making sure that you’ll beat chilling temperatures in chilly foggy nights.

With this one, you have a  temperature rating of 32 degrees, meaning you should be good for most camping spots in the summer and some camping spots for the winter. The double bag by Ohuhu would be available with a great waterproof rating along with 210T polyester build to get higher durability.


  • Generous large size for fitting two adults comfortably
  • Design with dual purpose for using like two individual bags for sleeping
  • Folds down well to the compression carrying bag
  • Can be supplied with matching pillows that are lightweight
  • Waterproof and thermally insulated



  • Can’t be relied on for extreme winters
  • Uses cheap zipper


Integrated pillows ensure that you remain comfortable and bliss throughout the night, while low prices are ideal for helping you dream of how you’ll spend the saved money. If you’ve got size and fitting issues with other sleeping bags, then this can easily solve your problems.


Best Bag that can be a double or single: Gideon Waterproof Double Sleeping Bag with 2 pillows

The double fit durable sleeping bag has been lined with soft brush flannel and is filled with higher level 3D synthetic fiber fill to get optimum insulation and warmth. The bag is ideal for camping in spring, fall-time and spring. Gideon bag can be folded easily and ha a travel friendly sack for compression with straps and drawstrings ideal for compressing.

Packing can be done easily with quick and tight compression. However, at the time of use, the bag puffs back in a nice and quick manner. The bag is amazingly extra-lightweight and offers great warmth.

But, that’s not the main unique feature of the Gideon bag. This bag is built as a double bag, but it has a clever zipper hidden in the middle that allows you to separate this double into two singles. It’s a smart feature that allows you to only buy this bag: use the double when camping with a significant other but split it into two when you go camping with a friend. I really like the cleverness of this bag and think it’s going to be extremely popular.


  • Made through non-allergic reinforced stitching and durable fabrics
  • Detergent machine washing
  • Waterproof with low maintenance
  • Ideal for large people as well
  • Nylon material with thick padding



  • Doesn’t compress well
  • Not quite warm for snow/winter camping


The bag measures to 18” x18” x 87” H; and fits well to with two people that are more than 6.5’ tall. These compress down to 18” x 12” x 12” , with the weight only being 5.7 lbs. Thus it is ideal for the backpacker who is worried about size issues.


Best Single Bag that could stretch into a double: Oaskys Sleeping bag 

This single sleeping bag has been stitched in a comfortable and neat manner and is a premium quality product. Oaskys is designed for three seasons and can be used easily in 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They always make really great products. Moreover, the bag is available in a complete weather-resistant design for maintaining warmth also in extreme weather conditions while preventing you from facing any type of dampness. This is possible through technology that is double filled or these bags are designed for ensuring that after tiring trekking day you sleep comfortably in a relaxed way.

But, as you probably noticed, this is a single bag. So why is it on a double list?!

Well, you can unzip the bag in its entirety and spread it out on the ground once unfolded. Once the bag is unzipped, it’s the same size of a double bag. Simply lay down here and put a blanket over you and you should be good to go.

This is perfect for someone who almost-always needs a single bag, but likes the option of potentially becoming a double bag if needed.


  • Separate zipper bottom for feet protection
  • Keeps head warm with half-circle hood with adjustable drawstring
  • Has polyester fabric with anti-tear functionality
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient and versatile



  • The bag can be a little heavy
  • Needs a little more room

The FAQ’s

There are a couple of questions that many people have when they first start to look into these double bags. With that in mind, I’ve put a couple of the most common questions below and did my best to answer them and help you out!

What is a double sleeping bag?

A double is essentially an extra big sleeping bag that is meant for two people. They were initially designed to allow couples to sleep closer to each other when camping. However, many people have adopted them for extreme cold-weather camping because they allow people to stay warmer due to shared body heat.

How to wash a double sleeping bag?

It’s a good question because it’s more difficult than you might expect! A couple of the doubles on this list are too big to fit my washing machine. For that reason, I tend to wash them by hand and then hang them outside to dry.

If you do have a big washing machine, you should be able to wash these bags on a gentle setting. Some bags recommend that you hand wash only, but personally, I’d stick it into the wash on a gentle setting. ABSOLUTELY don’t dry though as dryers can melt some of the plastic.

How to fold a double sleeping bag?

The easiest way to fold one is to go for the rolling strategy. Lay the bag out flat, and then make sure there is no air bubble in it. Then, simply roll it up. Have you partner hold the carrying bag, and stick the rolled-up sleeping bag into the carrying bag.

Where to buy a double sleeping bag?

You can buy these in most places. A lot of stores like  Walmart and Menards and Costco have them. However, the best brands are typically only at the  Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountains of the word.

However, I just buy all my stuff on Amazon personally!

See you at the campsite!